This article is not about Hitler nor Otto Von Bismark, but about military uniforms and how the world wars had an effect on them to be what they are today. Of course, the military uniforms will keep changing and getting better and better through time, but all these advances have had they start in a significant part of history. The chapter of today is world wars, a sad and dark part of humanity’s history, but had led to great development and knowledge. Going back to the contributions to the army, one of the main articles are gas masks, they were first used in WW1 after the armies started using gas bombs against each other; the use of khaki as an official color in the army textiles that are used to fabric military uniforms, the trend starter was the British army when they noticed that this color was perfect to hide all the dust from the trenches; machine guns and tanks were other equipment that was first used during the world wars and have become part of the army.