Assault Uniform

In the army there are different types and styles of uniforms for different situations. For example, in case the troops have to go to a snow area, the soldier choose to wear appropriate costumes, in the same way when they must go to wooded places, they resort to wearing camouflage uniforms of the color similar to the forest in which they find each other.

However, when they have a mission where stealth is an important element for the success of the mission, they opt for assault uniforms. These are characterized by being normally black, since they are commonly used at night. They have a tactical vest of dark color that allows the military to move with agility while carrying different items inside it.  

Among the different accessories that the assault suit includes, are the helmet, special glasses, gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, gun holster, balaclava, flashlight, strap to load the rifle and a dark colored uniform to protect the soldier, as well as special boots for the occasion and, as well, the bulletproof vest.

That type of uniform can be used by both police and military. In the case of the police, these suits are used by Special Forces called SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics). This type of elite military forces is dedicated only to perform special operations. Normally, these members are trained to carry out high-risk operations that fall outside the regular capabilities of any common officers. Therefore, it’s to be understood that these types of Special Forces need a different suit than the rest.

In conclusion, SWAT forces need to use special and specific protections to carry out the missions properly, with no complications, and thus not put the life of any agent who tried to make the operations successful. Great equipment can be the difference between success or failure.