Concerns About All On 4 Treatment

Tooth deficiency is one of the most serious dental health problems today. In the United States alone, 36 million people continue their lives with all their teeth in the lower jaw lost. This corresponds to 10% of the total population. Dental treatment, also known as All On 4, ie AO4, is preferred in cases where there is intense tooth deficiency and almost no teeth are left. Thus, all tooth deficiencies are eliminated, especially in the lower jaw. The All On 4 method, which saves time, money and dentist visits, is one of the dental health / dental aesthetic procedures preferred by many people in the world, perhaps because of this advantageous aspect. We have taken care to answer your questions about All On 4 treatment for you.

What is All On 4 Treatment?

All On 4 is basically very similar to dental bridge treatment. On the other hand, it offers a more comfortable use, strength and comfort than dental bridges. All On 4 is an aesthetic dental / dental health procedure that aims to fix all teeth in the lower jaw to the jawbone. Again, the difference of this procedure from the dental bridge is that it can also be applied in a more practical way. After treatment, patients have superior strength and endurance.

All On 4 Step By Step

As you know, every detailed dental health treatment has several steps. It is possible to say the same for All On 4. As with dental implants, dental bridges, crowns and other dental health applications, the first step is to examine the condition of your teeth in depth. The way to do this is through computed tomography. Thanks to computed tomography, the condition of the bones to which the teeth will be fixed is examined in depth.

After the computed tomography procedure, doctors begin to prepare dental implants to be fixed. All on 4 treatment takes its name from the 4 dental implants to be placed in the place of tooth loss. Generally, the positions where the implants will be placed are predetermined. Then, the implants are placed under anesthesia. After the implants are placed, the establishment of dental bridges is started. After the implants fixed to the jawbone, the patient leaves the dental clinic and continues their lives. All On 4 treatment is a long-term dental health and dental aesthetics treatment.

Do I Feel Pain During All On 4 Treatment?

Since the patients are under anesthesia as in other dental aesthetic and health treatments, they certainly do not feel pain during the procedure. In cases of excessive tooth loss in the jawbone, surgery and surgical intervention may be required, as in surgical extraction. The most important aspect of All On 4 treatment is that patients can continue their lives comfortably after treatment.

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