Features of a military cot

The military cot can serve as a comfortable bed away from home, allowing you to take a nap wherever you go. A military cot is suitable for various activities such as camping, traveling, hiking, and some other outdoor activities, or as good furniture for resting at home. The folded size is very small and very convenient to carry. With this portable bed, you can relax anywhere. 

Many people find a military cot uncomfortable. Fortunately, there are numerous military cot models to choose from on the market. There are also a number of accessories available to help make your military cot more comfortable and organized. If you intend to spend a lot of time sleeping on your military cot, it’s worth it to make it as comfortable as possible.


  • Ultra-light and portable

The military cots are lightweight and easy to transport. They usually come with a waterproof carrying bag. It varies depending on the type of the military cot, but it usually weighs around 7.5 kg.

  • Durable construction

Military cot frames are typically made of wood, aluminum, or tubular steel. They are safe, long-lasting, and suitable for all weather conditions.

  • Easy installation

The military cots are very easy to use and set up. The support bar and legs are attached, saving more time and effort. The extra holes in the fabric are for those who are extra strong to put up extra tubes and legs to support the crib.

  • Multi-functional

A military cot saves you from lying on the ground, keeps you away from wet and cold floors, and keeps nocturnal insects and rodents at bay. It can be used as a camping bed, a tent pad, a trundle bed for office sleeping, or a medical aid stretcher. 

It doesn’t have to be survival training; any outdoor activity can justify bringing a cot. Before ordering a military cot, you should be aware that it should have a stable structure and high-quality workmanship. It must be able to carry an adult safely and be large enough to turn once. On a cheap military cot, you should pay special attention to these properties.

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