Military Helmet

One of the delicate and important parts of the human body par excellence is the head.

From past times, warriors and soldiers were taught that if they wanted to make lethal attacks, they should aim at the head and neutralize opponents effectively.

In order to defend against such attacks, the helmets were invented and designed.

Combat helmets have been used since the Ancient Age, for example, the armies of the Aegean and Mediterranean people as in Roman and Greek culture.

In ancient times, the helmets made by these civilizations were made of various materials, with bronze being one of the most used materials.

The Romans are better known in this area thanks to the style they offered to their helmets. The case of the helmet used by The Romans centurions, this is one of the best known for its unique crest at the top of the head.

This accessory wasn’t be used for a long time, reaching these days. In medieval Europe, the knights wore helmets that completely covered the head and sometimes the neck area to keep it as protected as possible, although it was uncomfortable to wear them since they did not allow great mobility to those who carried it, in addition to that neither it is comfortable to carry metal on the head, therefore, pieces of cotton were used to give comfort.

Subsequently, many years in time, through the World Wars, the fighting did not end and the arms activity evolved so that the type of helmets that were used to resist the swords attacks now couldn’t withstand the bullets, so these helmets had to mutate and evolve in the way that weapons did.

Today’s helmets have more functions than just protecting the soldier. Helmets have a camera that records everything the soldier has in front of him.

Similarly, depending on the design of the helmet, it can be fitted with other options to improve it. For example, the Dutch Army is about to have a new helmet ready that provides different levels of protection to the soldiers head depending on the degrees of hostility of the ground, being level 0 where not so much protection is needed until the level 3 where it would have a kind of mask that protects it against sandstorms, earplugs, and resistant glasses.